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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda

Welcome to the non-partisan Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  Since 2007, this show has highlighted impact of new technologies on the campaign landscape, how expectations of voters are changing, fundraising, persuasion and getting out the vote. 

Popular topics on the show include best practices for political and advocacy campaigns, ground game strategies, cross-media advertising, social media trends and impact of mobile. 

This weekly podcast includes interviews with political consultants, media strategists, journalists, advocates, candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, and solution providers.



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Feb 18, 2016

Mike Moschella, Founder and CEO, Organizing Center, talks about the changing landscape of political and advocacy campaigns where television ads are not as effective and voters expect to interact with a campaign, no gate-keepers empower voters to share and engage, and moving from organizing to building leadership.